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$4,000.00 LOBSTER Sponsorship

 Exclusive Advertisement on Lobsterfest Placemat 8 Complimentary

$350.00 Feather Flag Sponsorship

Durable Customized 8 Foot Two Sided Free Standing Banner (Will be prominently placed at the entrance to the event for all attendees to see. Includes set up fee.)

$2,500.00 PLATINUM Sponsorship


8 Foot Feather Flag Prominently Displayed On Site *6 Complimentary Event Tickets

$500.00 Silver Sponsorship

 2 Complimentary Event Tickets

$1,000.00 Gold Sponsorship

4 Complimenntary Event Tickets

Any questions please contact

Patt Rudder  at 501-944-9495


Walter Krupski at 631-566-2823.

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